CoreTML framework
an open-source template-based IP core generator


Semiconductor IP core design

CoreTML was created primarily to serve as a framework for RTL (Register Transfer Level) IP core generator design and deployment. Although other approaches can be used for this purpose, CoreTML has several advantages:


The following examples are included both into the source and binary ditributions of the CoreTML framework.

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Other uses

CoreTML framework is not limited to generating files in any particular language; in fact, it can be used to generate any text files. Its architecture was designed to be as neutral as possible, so that it can have many applications.

Software configuration

Some software uses configuration files to store its settings. Sometimes only few settings can be configured via program's GUI, if any. Such a configuration GUI can be created fairly easily with the CoreTML framework.

Document templates

Since a lot of business documents are similar and often created with "copy-paste" techinque, CoreTML can be used to generate such documents based on user-supplied parameters. The documents must be in some text-based format (e.g. RTF, TeX or HTML).

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